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About Us

Pit Bull Jeans #1 Desired Brazilian Fashion Looks!

USA Showroom Offers The Best Available Worldwide Shipping Prices & Free USA Shipping With Purchase Of $100USD Or More!

Only Official Pit Bull Jeans USA Showroom!

Largest Brazilian Fashion Showroom In USA!

Offer Brazilian Fashion For Kids, Men & Women!

Contact Us About Other Brazilian Fashion Looks!

Pit Bull Jeans is In Use Filed USA Official Business Name, State of North Carolina

Pit Bull Jeans is In Use Filed USA S-Corporation Federal ID Tax Number

Pit Bull Jeans is  FILED REGISTERED USA TRADEMARK #874511666

Pit Bull Jeans is National Filed Registered for 50 USA STATES


Pit Bull Jeans is Secured Registered Authorized Worldwide Website

Pit Bull Jeans has Filed Trademark Rights Throughout The USA

Any future USA Competitors or Internet Sales Using Pit Bull Jeans Name, Any Form Of Public or Private Name Use In USA,  Pit Bull Jeans  Advertising Name or Logo Use, Pit Bull Jeans Named Stores or Franchise Use, Wholesale Purchasers Using The Name: Pit Bull Jeans, In The USA, Must Have From Pit Bull Jeans in USA, a Certified Letter Of Approval or Settlement Before Use Only Due to USA Filed Trademark or Will be in Infringement Within 50 USA States.

Competitors can purchase from any Brazilian authorized stores or factory with approval in Brazil, import your product or through independent USA allowable retail stores under your business name, your business advertising sales or internet sales under your business name and must use your Federal Tax ID Number for importing from Brazil, custom fees, shipping or USA sales is your responsibility, your listed business must handle your sales, returns, shipping & any other fees, but competitors making sales within USA or USA base business using public or private advertising as Pit Bull Jeans in USA States, in any form is subject to disapproval, Using Name Pit Bull Jeans In Public or Any type of Internet advertising within USA is infringement on Filed USA Trademark Name with out certified prior approval agreement or make settlement agreement with Pit Bull Jeans USA Showroom within USA to use the name Pit Bull Jeans within your USA business advertising.


Pit Bull Jeans Is Designer, Limited Availability, One of kind fashion clothing and Wholesale "Is very limited!"" Only available for older selections or representative collections only! Must place your order with payment when photo release is offered, you will be responsible for all fees and shipping cost. Representative orders need to be 30 or more selections to be cost effective.

Due to being designer Made in Brazil fashion market, custom fees and shipping cost to USA,  fashion clothing collections not repeated and unique one of kind selections, wholesale purchase is very limited.

Must send email of 15 or more  of in stock older selections from Pit Bull Jeans website, email selection list to us, how you will pay for this order and will send you pricing, payment fees, & with shipping to your business address and invoice payment cost back to your supplied e-mail address.

Any wholesale representative collection will need to order 30 or more selections to receive discount & can take up to 30 - 60 days to complete your order.

Will only hold this wholesale invoice for payment and selections for 1-3 business day only! Will be canceled due to limited availability & order placement time!

Pit Bull Jeans in USA Official Showroom Website pricing is factory direct savings with free shipping within USA only! Make your purchase at website:

International purchases & shipping, please view payments, shipping & return section policy at bottom of website page. 

 Contact Pit Bull Jeans in USA, Today!

Pit Bull Jeans in USA Email:

Pit Bull Jeans in USA Business number for wholesale: (1) 704-684-5085 

Pit Bull Jeans sales representative text or WhatsApp number: 903-658-4858,  is reserved for customer assistance or purchase only!

Thanks you, 

Pit Bull Jeans Showroom in USA